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ePED Village Beach Cruiser

ePED Village Beach Cruiser

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ePED Village Beach Cruiser

Simple, clean, and elegant. The ePED Village Beach Cruiser was designed with a vintage style frame for comfort and ergonomics. Made to cruise the city, small village, or around the beach, it is simply perfect. The integrated rear-hub motor, removable battery, and excellent suspension system make this bike a step above the rest. You’ll love biking around just like a traditional bike with invisible power. Experience the future and go further than ever before! 


Aluminum Alloy Structure

Thanks to the aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame, the ePED Village Beach Cruiser is not only lightweight but strong as well. Compared to a steel frame, you never have the worry about rusts or corrosion when riding in different conditions.


Always Be Power-Reliable


The muscle behind ePED Village Beach Cruiser is the 500w high-speed brushless motor. A sustainable motor structure brings longer service life, higher power efficiency, and lower maintenance demand.


Core Power Train


Equipped with a powerful 48V/13Ah battery, the ePED Village Beach Cruiser is able to reach a top speed of 28mph with a range of approximately 30 miles.


Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur


Enjoy the smooth speed shifting that is brought by the Shimano 7-Speed derailleur system, which is a mainstream cyclists' favorite.


Front Suspension


Adding to ride comfort the front fork provides a quick reaction and keeps the bicycle feeling planted to the ground.


26" All-Terrain Tires 

The fat-tire is built for exploration. You can find it fits all kinds of terrain conditions as its advanced tire strip pattern improves the ability you handle complex circumstances, reducing unnecessary resistance, and allow for maximum fun.


Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Disc Braking System makes sure that the front and rear brakes provide the ePED Village Beach Cruiser with strong safety reliance.

All-in-one Display

Speed, Trip, Gear level, and Remaining battery, all are displayed on a high-resolution LED screen.  



Smart Charger

Included smart charger makes charging fast and simple.  

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ePED bikes have been designed, built, and tested to be the leader in quality, ergonomics, and fun! At ePED we pride ourselves in being top quality and providing support to our cusotmer and riders. Enjoy our bikes, gear, and more! We can't wait to ride with you!


At ePED we understand that when you buy something you want it delivered fast, especially when its something so fun. Our products can be picked up in Panama City Beach, Florida or shipped. We pride ourselves in fast shipping and great communication. You will received an email as soon as your items dispatch so you can track your package the entire way. Additionally, we keep our shipping rates as low as possible always!